heather-mike-ray.jpegWe hunt hard over 100 days a year so we need gear that stands up to everything we throw at it.  From Cactus and Cat Claw in West Texas to Briars and swamps in the east GO Wild takes it all and keeps going!  The scientifically designed patterns have improved our success in the field and the fit is so comfortable we can wear it all day and all night. If you're looking to improve your performance in the field GO Wild and fill your tags!

Mike and Heather Ray
The "Wild" Life TV


kenny-davis.jpgMy name is Kenny Davis and I am the host of Whitetail Frenzy. After playing football for 25 years of my life, I walked off the gridiron and began pursuing my true passion of hunting and outdoor television. When I was on the football field, I wanted gear that allowed me to perform at the highest level regardless of weather conditions. I expect my hunting gear to do exactly the same. After 30 years of hunting and years of searching for the right hunting gear, I finally found it with Go Wild Camo. Go Wild not only is a very unique camouflage that I have found will blend in with virtually any environment, but it is by far the most comfortable hunting clothing I have ever worn. The unique layering system allows me to hunt all types of weather conditions without having to purchase multiple suits, making Go Wild the versatile hunting apparel I have ever owned.

Kenny Davis
Whitetail Frenzy


clayton-hergert1.jpgI recently had the opportunity to try GO WIld Camo® and I really like the concepts.  The open pattern breakup and hybrid of digital and natural structures is an innovative approach to creating a 3 dimensional look on a 2 dimensional space.  The differentiation in focal planes really creates the illusion of depth and trick the eye.  I live and work in central Texas where heat is an issue and GO Wild Camo® was very effective at wicking moisture and keeping me cool.  I really liked how it performed in the field.

Clayton Hergert
Former Special Operations Force member
Owner ATX Precision and Carbine


aharon.jpgGO WILD CAMO!!!! There has never been another camo pattern that has given me this much confidence when going afield. People often look at how a camo pattern works up close especially when bow hunting. But, it is often looked over how a camo pattern will blend in at a greater distance since bow hunting is thought to be all close range. After many years of chasing Mature Whitetails I learned that these magnificent creatures, once reaching a wise old age will often stand motionless staring and looking off in the greater distance for just the littlest thing that’s out of place. With GO WILD CAMO these patterns give you the greatest depth of field I have found. Whether that wise old buck is out there at 200 yards glassing the wood line before committing and working the scrape line you have hung your stand over or it’s during the rut and he appears out of no where while sitting in that tight covered funnel, you will be concealed like never before and have the confidence in your Camo like never before. When chasing these wise old bucks, I take ZERO Chances!!! That’s why I choose GO WILD CAMO!!

Aharon Davis 
Whitetail Frenzy Co-Host



I finally found true high-performance camo! I've been a big game hunter for almost 30 years and I've worn every brand on the market.  Nothing even comes close to GO Wild Camo®.  As a former PAC-10 Linebacker I understand the need for performance gear.  GO Wild exceeded my hopes in every category.  Their patterns literally conform to every environment.  Their gear keeps me cool when it's hot and warm when it's not.  To top it off the fit and feel is perfect. From moisture wicking, wind blocking, scent control, and absolute silence in the field they thought of everything.  I love their gear so much I bought three outfits in different patterns just so I can adapt to any environment.  Great Job Guys!  GO Wild for life.

Tim Hardin
Former PAC-10 LB and hardcore hunter.